continued enjoyment

So last night, four months after it came out, Brooke and I finally rented Quantum of Solace.  It was okay but not nearly as good as Casino Royale in my opinion.  Craig makes an incredible Bond  and despite some complaints that the Bond movies are becoming more like Bourne movies I think the move away from goofy and silly gags and ridiculous gadgetry is a good one.  Seeing Bond as a flawed and haunted person makes him a more believable character.  Anyway, that is not what this post is about.  While the movie was okay my favorite part was actually the new Bond song at the beginning of the movie.  Those of you who've read my blog for awhile will know that I'm a huge Jack White fan.  What a thrill then to discover that he did the Bond song with Alicia Keys.  Besides the fact that the song is well done I found that there voices blended together in a very interesting way.  It'd be great to see them do some more collaborating.

While watching the video after the movie, and saying yet again how amazing Jack White is, Brooke accused me of having a man-crush on him.  I'm not sure if it's a man-crush but there's definitely a musician-crush going on along with some serious envy of his musical ability (since I have absolutely none).  Below are a few videos that demonstrate why. (If you only watch one of these then watch the last one.)


week 17 (a bit late)

I've spent about 20 of the past 48 hours painting my office and trying to make some headway with getting it ready for whenever our stuff arrives and I have something to put in there.  That's the main reason why this week's "week" is a bit late and why I only have two pics to put up.  Painting, on top of several other issues/responsibilities is also why I haven't done any regular blogging besides my Sophia updates.  Hopefully in the next week or so I can get back to sharing some of my random thoughts and wonderings.  

Anyway, I couldn't resist putting up the top picture.  Our drooly faced girl kept grabbing onto my wine glass so I finally had Brooke snap a shot of it.  For what it's worth it was a really good glass of wine so I'm hoping this means she'll grow up to have good taste.  Brooke took the one below when the three of us were laying around playing tonight.  It's looks a bit weird for some reason but I thought it made the photo look old and faded.


week 16

This week's been a bit crazy as we've tried to get moved in and what not.  As a result I don't have a bunch of good pictures of Sophia today.  Here's one that a friend took of the three of us this week along with a few I snapped on my Mac's Photo Booth application. 



Today marks the 33rd anniversary of my birth.  Not much to say about that really, 33 seems like a pretty unimportant year.  Not that any year is actually unimportant but turning 33 is definitely no landmark event.  It's Just kinda like, "Eh, another year.  No biggie."  I actually kept forgetting throughout the day that it was my birthday.  Anyway, after a pretty hectic couple of weeks I was happy to not celebrate tonight.  We simply had a quite meal with a couple of friends and enjoyed watching Lost with a few beers.  Very relaxed, very low-key, exactly what I needed.  

Speaking of Lost, my beautiful bride bought me Season 2 on DVD for my birthday.  This was the perfect gift because in addition to the fact that I'm a full blown geek when it comes to the show, I just picked up Seasons 1&3 on DVD for an absolute bargain.  I got both seasons for a total of $50NZ which is like $26US.  

I'm now off to bed early (early for me at least) to complete my restful and relaxing night.


week 15

Just a few quick pictures this week. We are in the process of moving (yet again! but hopefully for the last time for quite awhile!) which is why I haven't blogged much and also why there's not as many pictures of Sophia going up this week.


week 14


gotta love stewart

I've said it before on this blog, but I love the fact that Jon Stewart is willing to criticize both sides of the political spectrum.  Stewart made no secret of the fact that he voted for Obama yet, staying true to form, he's calling out the new President on his political doublespeak.


life less serious

This is a hilarious series of ads for Chupa Chups lolipops.  The second one has been tampered with so there are some annoying captions.  There's also a third ad with Chupa Chuck at the doctor's office getting some bad news.  It's the best of the three but I can't find it.  Oh well.