z week 4


ex libris

Nothing is quite so fallacious as to think of sin only in terms of actions; and as long as we think of sin only in terms of things actually done, we fail to understand it. The essence of the biblical teaching on sin is that it is essentially a disposition. It is a state of the heart.

That is the terrible nature of [Jesus'] teaching at this point. This thing that has entered into our very nature and constitution as human beings, is something that is so polluting our whole being that when a man is engaged in his highest form of activity he still has a battle to wage with it. It has always been agreed, I think, that the highest picture that you can ever have of man is to look at him on his knees waiting upon God. That is the highest achievement of man, it is his noblest activity. Man is never greater than when he is there in communion and contact with God. Now, according to our Lord, sin is something which affects us so profoundly that even at that point it is with us and assailing us. Indeed, we must surely agree on the basis of New Testament teaching that it is only there we really begin to understand sin.

We tend to think of sin as we see it in its rags and in the gutters of life. We look at a drunkard, poor fellow, and we say: There is sin; that is sin. But that is not the essence of sin. To have a real picture and true understanding of it, you must look at some great saint, some unusually devout and devoted man. Look at him there upon his knees in the very presence of God. Even there self is intruding itself, and the temptation is for him to think about himself, and really to be worshipping himself rather than God. That, not the other, is the true picture of sin. The other is sin, of course, but there you do not see it at its acme; you do not see it in its essence.... Sin is something that follows us even into the very presence of God. - D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, Studies in the Sermon on the Mount: Volume 2, 22-23.


z week 3

Unfortunately we're not sleeping as much as these photos would lead you to believe. Okay, I confess, a few of them are staged because let's face it, sleeping with a baby is pretty darn cute.


z week 2

I think in the last photo Zoe finally got sick of the picture taking and decided to give us all the stink eye.


z week 1

As I did with Sophia I plan to track Zoe's growth in pictures week by week for the first year of her life. I don't have as many pics from week 1 because Brooke ended up posting several of the ones I was planning on putting up. I should have more next week though.


ex libris

"The evangelizing congregation is continuously being evangelized."

"The 'gospel which meets my needs' must be replaced with the good news that reveals needs I did not know I had while providing healing power I never dreamed was possible."

"The members of the congregation need constantly to be helped to 'say their faith' when they are together, so that they can learn how to say it when they are apart - that is, when they are the sent-out people of God in mission."

"We reveal what we think Christian witness is all about with the standards and practices we establish for becoming a Christian. If we accept a 'lowest common denominator' definition of Christian commitment, then we should not be surprised that our congregations evidence so little commitment to gospel mission."

"The world of the principalities and powers is little challenged by a private and personal, vertical-relationship gospel. And that suits the powers and principalities fine....
"There is always pressure to tame the gospel. There is always resistance to the claims of Christ for total lordship. There is always a desire to move humans from the posture of sinners dependent upon grace to the stance of co-workers with God for the improvement of the world."



Zoe Caroline Scott!
Born: 5:45pm 1st July 2010
Weight: 8lb 14oz (4.02kg)
Length: 21" (53cm)