z week 13

I've been crazy busy the last few weeks which is why the only blogging has been my Zoe updates. If there's still anyone out there interested in posts other than these, please hang in there. I have another week of full-on-hecticness then I'll hopefully resume some regular blogging. Until then here are some new pics of the wee one


z week 12


z week 11

It's been a crazy week so the update on Zoe is a bit late. Apologies particularly to the grandmothers (and Aunt Lori!). To make up for the delay I'm putting up a video instead of pics this week. Enjoy.


z week 10

Only 3 pics this week. Sorry.


ex libris

"My departure from atheism was not occasioned by any new phenomenon or argument. Over the last two decades, my whole framework of thought has been in a state of migration. This was a consequence of my continuing assessment of the evidence of nature. When I finally came to recognize the existence of a God, it was not a paradigm shift, because my paradigm remains, as Plato is his Republic scripted his Socrates to insist: 'We must follow the argument wherever it leads."

"Are we engaging in science or philosophy here? When you study the interaction of two physical bodies, for instance, two subatomic particles, you are engaged in science. When you ask how it is that those subatomic particles - or anything physical - could exist and why, you are engaged in philosophy. When you draw philosophical conclusions from scientific data, then you are thinking as a philosopher."

"Of course, scientists are just as free to think as philosophers as anyone else. And, of course, not all scientists will agree with my particular interpretation of the facts they generate. But their disagreements will have to stand on their own two philosophical feet. In other words, if they are engaged in philosophical analysis, neither their authority nor their expertise as scientists is of any relevance." - Antony Flew, There is A God: How the World's Most Notorious Atheist Changed His Mind, 89, 90-91.


z week 9