week 9 (kinda)

So these pictures are obviously going up a few days past the 9 week mark. Considering the fact that we just moved half-way across the world I'm sure those of you who were waiting for new pics of Sophia can forgive us. Also, I've been having trouble uploading photos for some reason so I've only posted two from the past week. These were taken last Sunday. The one on the bottom was taken right after Sophia was baptized.


a prayer from our commissioning service...

Sovereign God, 
Your cause, not my own, engages my heart, and I appeal to you with greatest freedom
     to set up your kingdom in every place where Satan reigns; 
Glorify yourself and I shall rejoice, 
     for to bring honor to your name is my sole desire.
I adore you that you are God, 
     and long that others would know it, feel it, and rejoice in it.
O that all might love and praise you, 
     that you might have all glory from the world!
Lord, use me as you will,
     do with me what you will; but, O, promote your cause,
     let your kingdom come,
     let your blessed interest be advanced in this world!
It is your cause and kingdom I long for, 
     not my own.
O, answer my request!
          - Adapted from The Valley of Vision


week 8



... the feeling I had yesterday watching a truck drive off with most of our worldly belongings and realizing the next time I saw my bed it would be in Auckland. One week from right now we will be somewhere above the Pacific Ocean en route to our new home. I've never flown anywhere before without a return ticket, let alone to the other side of the planet. We know this is what we are supposed to do but there are moments when it all just feels strange.

In other news, I just returned from watching the season 5 premiere of Lost. AMAZING!!! So glad the folks over in New Zealand are all caught up and the new episodes will be airing over there.


week 7

We're not quite sure how it is that Sophia seems to get plenty of sleep while at the same time we seem to get none. Must just be one of the mysteries of parenthood.


week 6


23 days until...

... I get to enjoy Flat White happiness again!!!


week 5

These are going up a bit late, but I'm sure it's still Thursday somewhere.