yeah... uh.. nix that last post

So after a week of being back on the ol' FB, I've decided that all of my reasons for quitting a year ago outweigh the reasons for returning. Yes, that means the account has been deactivated yet again, and I'm pretty sure for good this time.

Does this make me fickle or unstable? I don't really care.

(P.S. Kitty, I hope this brings some more laughter to your day.)


a somewhat reluctant return

After a year long hiatus, I have reluctantly rejoined the dreaded Facebook. None of my reasons for quitting last year have really changed. However, I had been reconsidering the networking aspect of the site and recently two high school classmates tried to reconnect with me and were only able to do so through a mutual friend they were communicating with on FB. So, in full anticipation of the chiding and abuse I'm about to take... I've reconnected.


week 46

Here are some new pics of Sophia. The first is her famous tiger pose. Okay, I don't know what the pose is but it's pretty funny to watch her do it.

The other pics are some eating shots. Eating blueberries (a new favorite), eating... well, I'm not quite sure what, and eating her washcloth.

Unfortunately this will be the last Sophia post for a few weeks. She and Brooke head to the States on Monday for two and a half weeks. :-(


week 45


ex libris

"Jesus never begged anyone to follow Him. He never waited for anyone, never sang one more verse while people decided whether to follow. He barked, 'Follow Me!' and kept going. Those who immediately dropped everything became His disciples; those who hesitated were left behind.

"Yet week after week, especially in evangelical churches, we beg men to be saved. Problem is, the call to be saved is so familiar, men see no value in it. Don't misunderstand me: it's vitally important that we call men to follow Jesus. Men need salvation. But instead of pleading, what if our approach was: 'Do you have what it takes to follow Christ? Many say they do, but fewer than one in four will remain loyal. Are you one of the few, or when trials come, will you crumble?' What if we stopped begging men to be saved and started challenging them to follow Jesus Christ?"

"Christ plows through the Gospels like a wrecking ball, smashing tables, driving people with a whip, devastating the Pharisees with a word, taming the winds with an uplifted hand, toppling a detachment of armed soldiers simply by speaking His name. He never cajoles; He commands! Christ is powerful, dangerous, and un-predictable. Teachers, present Christ the man. Men will follow."


week 44

So I had a really cute video I had planned on posting. However, on Thursday when I went to put it up the video had mysteriously disappeared. Since I didn't have any other photos to put up then I had to delay this week's post. Anyway, here are some photos for this week and hopefully next week I'll have a new video for the grandmothers.

Sophia is learning how to drink water from her sippy cup. She's been a bit slow on this but she's finally getting the hang of it.

Sophia had her first taste of a Mandarin Orange this morning. We think she liked it.

Brooke bought this new toy off of Trade Me for Sophia. She's pretty into the rings.

Sophia also loves to pull all her spare burp cloths off the shelf and roll around in them when she's playing on her floor. And she still loves playing with her feet.