the man crush continues unabated

So I don't know how your morning was, but I met Jack White! After getting to the office this morning I realized I was out of coffee beans and since that's a problem that always needs to be remedied as soon as possible I decided to stroll down the local roaster where I get my beans. As I was approaching the door I thought I saw a familiar face go in ahead of me and when I went in, sure enough; I was standing in line directly behind Jack White. I had totally forgotten he was in town with one of his bands, but there he was.

Anyway, to make a short story shorter, despite Brooke's insistence that I have some sort of weird, obsessive, man-crush on him; all I did was say hello and shake the man's hand. Of course, had I not forgotten my cell phone at home I would have probably tried to get a picture together as well. That would have been all that I needed.


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